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Conducting a systematic review on wetland restoration – part 2

In an earlier post I wrote about finishing the first stages of a systematic review. I filtered through 3,298 abstracts on wetland restoration and had a great time pulling out interesting articles to download, and new topics to consider. Here,... Continue Reading →


Conducting a systematic review on wetland restoration – part 1

Last week I finished skimming 3,298 abstracts for inclusion in a systematic review on wetland restoration. I’m happy to report that it took less than two weeks total, at an average rate of about 250 abstracts per hour, and that... Continue Reading →

Research Bazaar 2015

Co-written with Amy, Elise, Fin, Kate, Mike, and Rosanna A group of QAECOlogists attended the inaugural Research Bazaar conference held at The University of Melbourne this week (16-18 Feb). Participants came from all over Australia, as well as NZ, the US, UK and... Continue Reading →

First thoughts on the Student Conference on Conservation Science 2015

I think time has sped up since my return from Australia's Student Conference on Conservation Science because the conference has given me a lot to think about. What can I say about the ten humid days several of us QAECOlogists... Continue Reading →

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